Fat Reduction

About loosing weight, slimming and toning at nlclinic.

Nlclinics ensure the latest equipment for weight loss. Keeping up to date with the latest technology to help reduce fat in less time and money. With several systems to choose from fat reduction can be confusing however, during consultation our staff aim to clearly advise the best choice for each person.


Fat reduction treatments at nlclinic

Ultrasculpt Ultrasound

Ultrasculpt is our UK Developed system which uses Ultrasound cavitation technology to rapidly reduce fatty tissue. Ultrasound can be used over large and small areas. Treatment is painless. Depending on the person, you may require multiple sessions per month.


Permasculpt+ RF

Permasculpt+ is our UK Developed 3 in 1 system which uses Ultrasound caviation, Radio Frequency (RF) and Vacuum Lympthatic Drainage (VLD). RF can be used to reduce fatty tissue as well as tightening skin during treatment. RF can be used on small and large areas. Depending on the person, you may require multiple sessions per month.


Coolslim Cryolipolysis

Coolslim is our UK developed cryolipolysis fat crystilisation system. Cryolipolysis freezes fatty tissues over large areas to destroy the cells naturally. Treatments can be spaced months apart. Treatment is very effective. Treatment is cost effective.



Mesotherapy treatment is the process of using injectables to remove fatty cells. Treatments are quick.