Facial Treatments



Everyone needs a good first impression, and where better to start than with eye contact. Enhance your eyes with radio frequency skin tightening and remove eye shadows with microcurrent stimulation. At nlclinic we provide a wide variety of facial treatment from Acid Peels to gentle exfoliations all designed to remove problematic issues and restore confidence in your smile. We know everyone is different hence our Bespoke Facial, a complete revitalisation all-over facial selected by our trained staff and tailored to you. All our consultations are free so for any of the following treatments, or if you are just confused by the numerous possibilities please feel free to talk to our staff today on 02088820957.


Treatment Methods:


Express Facial - Only 30 minutes

Express facial treatment to cleanse, tone and exfoliate, followed by a collagen mask to provide quick results.

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Bespoke Facial - Custom Selection

Custom facial treatment selected towards your unique skin all wrapped within one price and treatment plan.

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Dermal Roller

Skin Rejuvenating Microneedling. Uses multiple pinpricks to damage skin physically to stimulate repair and growth.

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RF Radio Frequency

For fine lines and wrinkles. Radio Frequency produces heat beneath the skin to stimulate repair and growth.

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Derma Renew 4in1 Dermabrasion

Derma Renew combines 4 technologies into 1 treatment, exfoliating, toning and draining toxins from the skin.

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Non-Surgical Face Lift

The ultimate comprehensive facial lift, employing 3 treatments in 1 price to lift and revitalise tired skin.

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Vitamin Steam Peel Microdermabrasion

Exfoliate the epidermal outer layers of skin whilst using steam to enfuse essential vitamins into open pores.

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Micro Current

Stimulate muscle, regenerate skin and increase blood flow to tissue using gentle electric current giving lift and revitalising.

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