EMS Body Sculpting

Shape your body with our EMS (Electro Magnetic Stimulation)

The only treatment that builds muscle without introducing anything artificial to the body, Electro-muscle stimulation (EMS). Book now for 20,000 crunches in just 30 minutes!

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Session Time

30 min



No Downtime


Results Lasting

12-18 months


Number of Sessions

6-8 Sessions


Practitioner Level


EMS Body Sculpting

A non-invasive body-contouring device that not only burns fat but also builds muscle by performing up to 30,000 contractions, while at the same time improving strength and endurance levels.

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EMS body sculpting is the latest energy based technology that builds muscle and burns fat in 30 minutes, using a unique electromagnetic field that passes through the skin to impact muscle tissue as well as destroying fat all in the same session at the same time!

EMS body sculpting is a new device in body-contouring. It is the first FDA-cleared energy device approved to burn fat and build muscle mass. Ems body sculpt contracts muscles beyond what is possible through voluntary effort, yielding better muscle tone and enhanced fat reduction. The process works by directing highly focused electromagnetic energy to the area, forcing the muscles to contract to 100% and holding it there for up to six seconds.

EMS body sculpting creates a unique electromagnetic field that penetrates the skin to impact muscle tissue as well as belly fat for 30 minutes. During EMS body sculpting treatment paddles are placed on the areas and strapped down with a band. The energy induces almost 20,000 supramaximal muscle contractions per session, something that can’t be achieved at the gym. All this happens while you are lying on a bed during treatment.

Results from these 2 treatments are pretty different, and hard to compare. CoolSculpting it used to target stubborn fat, where Emsculpt is used to build and tone muscle. Patients looking for a more toned look (and who are already fairly lean) are great Emsculpt candidates. If patients want to reduce “pinchable” rolls of fat then they will likely be a better candidate for CoolSculpting. Most patients fall somewhere in between these two extremes, and that’s where the consultation process helps to determine which treatment the better option.

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