Which Body Treatment is right for me?

With technology improving everyday there has never been so many options widely available for removing fat and sculpting the body. The methods of removal vary from heating and cooling to mechanically destroying to chemically targeting the fatty tissue. At NL Clinic, we employ these variety of treatment methods to carefully select bespoke treatments for every customer.

Heating with Radio Frequency

Heating fatty tissue is a common way to reduce weight and tighten skin. Using Radio Frequency and heating the fat cells we cause the fluid inside the cell to become less viscous and excited, the fluid expands from this heat and leaves the cell membrane. We can then use Vacuum Lymphatic Drainage to remove the excess fluid by gentle massaging the area and draining the fluid away from the target area. This fluid is absorbed into the Lymphatic system which is then filtered through the body in urine.

Cooling with Cryolipolysis

Cryolipolysis a.k.a. Fat Freezing is a method of removing large pockets of fatty tissue using sub-zero temperature to physically freeze the fat cells below the skin. The skin is resilient to temperature and is largely unaffected by the sudden drop, however, the cells are not and cannot handle the cold. As a result, the fatty tissue is destroyed and is removed from the body naturally by the lymphatic system.

Electromagnetic Therapy with EMSCULPT

EMSCULPT is a method for removing fat and toning muscle at the same time. It is mostly effective on those who are trying to remove those last stubborn inches around the waist. EMSCULPT creates an electro-magnetic field inside the target area which excites the fat cells to a point of no return. The cells are so disrupted and excited by the electro-magnetic impulse they are physically destroyed.

Ultrasound Fat Cavitation

Ultrasound is a high frequency sound wave. It’s vibration is so fast you physically cannot see the pulses, but you can feel the vibration power. The pulses match the resonant frequency of the fat cell membrane, this causes the cells to become more and more excited, the same way small waves add up to a tsunami, the vibrations couple together and cause the cells to vibrate so much the membrane breaks. The fluid inside the cells is released into the surrounding area and is removed from the body naturally.

So what about you?

Everyone is different, it really depends on your target loss and treatment area.

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